Text Messaging & .300 BLK Kit Update

In addition to calling us, you may now text us with any sales or technical question at 801-355-0401 on weekdays during businss hours and at 801-355-0402 on evenings and weekends. We will respond to your texts as soon as possible.

Our .300 Blackout conversions have been out for several months now. Our customers are telling us that they are the best functioning blackout rifles they’ve used.

.300 Blackout Kits are shipping!

The XCR-L in .300 BLK is now available in barrel lengths from 7.5″ to 18.6″. The XCR-L works very well with .300 BLK ammunition.  The gas system is adjustable so that the XCR-L can fire supersonic or subsonic ammunition with or without a suppressor in all barrel lenghts longer than 9.5″. Barrels 9.5″ or longer will fit in any new or existing standard length Upper Receiver.

Conversion Kits will also be available in the lengths mentioned.  The Price of the XCR-L .300 BLK Rifles is the same as the other calibers. The price of the Conversion Kits depends on what caliber you are converting from. Please contact our sales staff for more information.

We also have caliber conversion kits for the XCR-M in .243 and .260 in a variety of barrel lengths.

Robinson Armament Co. now has a shooting team!

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