VEPR Skeleton Furniture




While cleaning out our warehouse, we were excited to find furniture  sets for the VEPR Rifles which we imported some time ago.  These furniture sets were manufactured in the US (so they count as US made parts for Section 922 (r) compliance). 

These furniture sets come with the hardware to attached to your VEPR.  Installation easy.  In a few cases a small amount of fitting may be necessary.   For other AK47s with a straight back receiver, the grip can but cut off the stock and both the grip and the stock can be modified to fit.

We have only a small number of these kits available.  They will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.  Tell us the first two digits of your serial number (that indicates the year made) and the caliber.  This will help us get you the best fit for your VEPR.


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