XCR-M Mini Pistol Short Gas System


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Updated 12-15-23

Currently, we can sell Pistols with Arm Braces.  It’s possible that their classification could change in the future. 

The XCR-M Mini Pistol with short gas system is set up for a 9.5″ .308 Barrel.    With our 2 or 3 Slot Muzzle Brake, there’s almost no recoil and an impressive fireball can be seen because a lot of the propellent gets burned outside the barrel.   For this reason, the use of a sound suppressor is not advised and may damage the firearm and suppressor.   Some flow-through suppressors may work without damaging the firearm, but burning all that powder in the suppressor may damage it.

This model can accept longer barrels in lengths 12″, 14.7″, 16″, and 18.6″ if you lengthen the gas system by buying a longer Oprod and Gas Tube.  These longer barrels work with sound suppressors.





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