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Here is QVO Tactical’s initial review of the XCR-L Pistol from Robinson Armament! Big thanks to Robinson, Ventura Munitions, Tyler and Anhie for helping out to get this review for you all. Hope you enjoy it!


InRangeTV and Primary & Secondary teamed up in this collaboration in which we combined multiple “battle rifles”, 5 shooters, and 4 drills in an effort to use time-based metrics to determine the best of the breed of battle rifles.

Carbine Magazine

Let me start by professing my affection for the AR platform. My safe is stacked with AR variants chambered in .22LR, 5.56 NATO, .300 BLK and .308 Win. Some are stock, others are modified, and I have assembled a few from…



The XCR was designed from the ground up to be more relaible than Stoner based systems such as the AR15, M16, M4, AR10 and others.  Internally, the XCR is designed more like the Kalashnikov AK47 with its frictionless, heavy-duty, piston-driven bolt,  powerful extractor and solid ejector.


The XCR's patented fully ambidextrous controls such as the charging handle, bolt catch, magazine release, safety, and stock adjustment buttons are placed more intuitively than on any other rifle.  No wonder those who purchase the XCR prefer it to the AR15, FN SCAR, ACR, SIG MCX, and others.


The XCR is truly modular.  It consists of a serialized lower receiver to which can be attached upper receivers in a variety of lengths and accessory rail systems.  The XCR Upper receivers have a patented quick-change barrel system which allows rapid changing of barrels of different lengths and calibers.


The XCR has fewer, more durable parts than AR15 and AR10 platforms.  Armorers who are familiar with the XCR find it the easiest rifle to inspect, maintain, and service resulting in lower overall maintenance costs.  Its one piece upper receiver is truly an engineering masterpiece and a work of art.

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