After 9-11, the US Special Forces desired to have a weapon system that was more reliable and durable than the AR-15/M16/M4, that had better ergonomics, and that could shoot a variety of ammunition including that of the enemy. The Special Forces did not get this weapon, but Robinson Armament built it anyway.  The XCR, or eXchangeable Caliber Rifle, is that weapon.


The XCR’s patented placement of manual controls is the best of any firearm on the market. Whether right or left-handed, users can perform all manual functions comfortably while keeping their eyes on the sights and the target.


Reliability and Durability

The XCR is more reliable than the AR-15 and other firearms based on the AR-15 operating system. It uses design ideas from the more reliable AK-47 operating system which is piston driven and which has a better feeding angle, and a stronger bolt, extractor and ejector. The XCR also reliably eats almost any ammo, including steel cased ammo.

Recoil Mitigation

The XCR is a pleasure to shoot. Its nearly frictionless operating system combined with an adjustable gas system mitigates recoil so follow-up shots are easy. For any given ammo, the XCR can be adjusted to minimize recoil while maintaining reliability.

Caliber Changes

The XCR is truly multi-caliber because of its patented quick-change barrel system. It shoots a variety of popular calibers. The XCR-L shoots .223/5.56, .300 BLK, 7.62×39, 6.8 SPC, 6.5 Grendel, and 6mm ARC. The XCR-M shoots .308/7.62 NATO, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 REM, and .243 WIN.  Changing calibers takes only minutes. Better yet, if you remove and replace the same barrel, it will shoot in the same place.


XCR are accurate weapons shooting between .75 and 1.5 MOA. Some do better with match grade or hand loaded ammo.

Folding Stock/Pistol

The XCR’s Lower Receiver can accept our FAST2 and FAST3 stocks which fold, collapse, and are adjustable for height. This allows the XCR to fit in a smaller package be adjusted for the comfort of the user. Folding Stock

Because no part of the XCR’s action goes into the stock, the XCR can be fired with the stock folded. Additionally, we make adapters which allow the XCR to be configured as a Pistol, or accept other stocks such as AR-15 stocks and stocks which attach to a 1913 Standard, Picatinny Rail.


The XCR is made from only the best materials. All the structural parts of the XCR such as the lower receiver, upper receiver, and buttstock parts are made from metal. The Lower Receiver is the serialized part. The only plastic parts are the pistol grip, butt pad, and cheek rest. The XCR is made to last and last.


The XCR has a monolithic upper receiver made from a single piece of aircraft aluminum. The 1913 Std (Picatinny) Rail on top and the M-LOK rail systems on the sides and bottom are machined parallel with the trunion that holds in the barrel. This ensures that the sights, optics, and other accessories are aligned with the bore of the barrel. The XCR accepts most AR-15 accessories including pistol grips (but you must use our bolt).


The XCR is the only modular weapons system that combines reliability, durability, the best ergonomics, accuracy, and quick-caliber changes all in one package. It is simply the best tactical rifle available anywhere at any price.

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