XCR-M Mini Pistol


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Updated 12-15-23

Currently, we can sell Pistols with Arm Braces.  It’s possible that their classification could change in the future.

The XCR-M Mini Pistol is one of our most flexible models.  It is available in .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .243 WIN in barrel lengths 12″, 14.7″, 16″, and 18.6″.   All these barrel lengths work well with suppressors, however with the 12″ barrel length, suppressor with low back pressure should be used.

With a 16″ light barrel and the Arm Brace, it weighs in at only 8.3 lbs.   With our 2 or 3 Slot Muzzle Brakes, recoil is extremely low.


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