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what is the XCR-P?

The XCR-P is the pistol caliber version of our famous XCR rifles and pistols.   Like our other XCRs:  It will be gas operated; multi-caliber, and have great ergonomics.  It will be available as a carbine and as a pistol.     We are anticipating that it will be able to shoot 9mm, .45 ACP, and hopefully 10mm from Glock magazines.   We are not offering this product for sale at this time.  However, we have been designing this thing for some time and hope to offer it shortly.   Before we finalize it, we’d love your input.  

So if you are interested in such a firearm please sign up for our newsletter and let us know what barrel lengths and other features you’d like to see.  Please email your comments to  [email protected].

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