Battle Rifle Time Trials – Episode 4 – “1-5 Drill, Modified”

InRangeTV and Primary & Secondary teamed up in this collaboration in which we combined multiple “battle rifles”, 5 shooters, and 4 drills in an effort to use time based metrics to determine the best of the breed of battle rifles:

H&K G3 FN FAL FN SCAR-17 Brownells’ BRN-10 AR10 Sons of Liberty Gunworks MK10 Desert Tech MDR M1A/M14 Robinson Arms XCR-M

Each drill was fired multiple times by each shooter and the worst and best runs were thrown out to normalize the results. At the end of each drill we declare the winner, along with the placement of the remaining other 7 rifles, based on those results.

This is drill 4, “1-5 Drill, Modified”.

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