XCR FAST2 Stock Parts

Item # Part #DescriptionPriceQty./Add to Cart
1X-FS-HGXCR FAST Stock Hinge Gun SideContact for Pricing
2X-FS-ABXCR Stock Attachment BoltContact for Pricing
3X-FS-HBXCR FAST Stock Hinge ButtonContact for Pricing
4X-FS-HSXCR FAST Stock Hinge Stock SideContact for Pricing
5X-FS-SPXCR FAST Stock Hinge SpringContact for Pricing
6X-FS-SSXCR FAST Stock Hinge Set ScrewContact for Pricing
7X-FS-BTXCR FAST Stock Bolts (2 Required)Contact for Pricing
8X-FS-2-SEXCR FAST Stock Side ExternalContact for Pricing
9X-FS-1-CRXCR FAST Stock Cheek RestContact for Pricing
10X-FS-SS-2XCR FAST Stock Stop Screws (2 Required)Contact for Pricing
11X-FS-TSXCR FAST Stock Thumb ScrewContact for Pricing
12X-FS-2-SIXCR FAST2 Stock Slide InternalContact for Pricing
13X-FS-SB-SPXCR FAST Stock Side Button SpringContact for Pricing
14X-FS-SBXCR FAST Stock Side Button (2 Required)Contact for Pricing
15X-FS-2-BPXCR FAST2 Stock Butt PadContact for Pricing
16X-FS-BP-SCXCR FAST Stock Butt Pad Screws (2 Required)Contact for Pricing
17X-FS-2-SBXCR FAST2 Stock BufferContact for Pricing
18X-FS-SI-TLXCR FAST Stock Teflon Contact for Pricing
19X-FS-TS-RCXCR FAST Stock Thumb Screw Retaining ClipContact for Pricing
20X-FS-LPXCR FAST Stock Lock PlateContact for Pricing

Problems with Ordering

Currently the shopping carts for our XCR builders/configurators are not working.   If you want to order, please use the builders to configure an XCR the way you want it.  Then take a screenshot that shows all the specs your want and email to sales@robarm.com  We hope to have the system up and running again shortly.


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