XCR-L Lower Receiver Parts

Item # Part #DescriptionPriceQty./Add to Cart
1L-LR-2-SXCR-L Lower Receiver Semi-Auto$300.00
2L-LR-MPXCR-L Main Pin$6.00
3X-LR-PCXCR Main Pin Retaining Clip$1.00
4X-LR-MR-BUXCR Mag Release Button$3.00
5XCR Magazine Release Spring$1.00
6X-LR-DC-SPXCR Disconnect Spring Type 2$2.00
7X-LR-2-DCXCR Disconnect Type 2$33.00
8X-LR-2-TRXCR Trigger Type 2$33.00
9X-LR-HM-SPXCR Trigger Spring$3.00
10X-LR-TR-APXCR Trigger Axis Pin$4.00
11X-LR-2-HMXCR Hammer Type 2$33.00
12X-LR-HM-SPXCR Hammer Spring$5.00
13X-LR-HM-APXCR Hammer Axis Pin$4.00
14X-LR-AP-CPXCR Hammer Axis Pin Retaining Clip$1.00
15X-LR-SS-SCXCR Ambi Selector Screw$1.00
16X-LR-2-SS-AMXCR Selector Ambi Lever$10.00
17X-LR-2-BCXCR Bolt Catch Type 2$16.00
18X-LR-2-SSXCR Safety Selector Semi-Auto$20.00
19L-LR-2-MR-RPXCR Ambi Magazine Release Roll Pin$1.00
20X-LR-MR-ABXCR Magazine Release Ambi Button$15.00
21L-LR-2-MR-AXCR Magazine Release Arm with Shaft$30.00
22X-LR-SS-DTXCR Selector Detent (Same as AR15)$1.00
23X-LR-SS-SPXCR Safety Selector Spring (Same as AR15)$1.00
24X-LR-PG-A2XCR Pistol Grip (Same as AR15)$7.00
25X-LR-PG-LWXCR Grip Screw Lock Washer$1.00
26X-LR-PG-BTXCR Grip Bolt$3.00
27X-LR-BC-BTXCR Bolt Catch Foot Bolt$2.00
28X-LR-BC-FTXCR Bolt Catch Foot$13.00
29X-MP-SPXCR Bolt Catch Spring$1.00

Problems with Ordering

Currently the shopping carts for our XCR builders/configurators are not working.   If you want to order, please use the builders to configure an XCR the way you want it.  Then take a screenshot that shows all the specs your want and email to sales@robarm.com  We hope to have the system up and running again shortly.


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