XCR-L Bolt & Carrier Parts

Item # Part #DescriptionPriceQty./Add to Cart
1L-BC-2XCR-L Bolt Carrier Type 2$100.00
2L-BC-2-ORXCR-L Bolt Carrier O Ring Type 2$2.00
3L-BC-2-RPXCR-L Bolt Carrier Pin Type 2$5.00
4L-BC-2-RBXCR-L Recoil Buffer Type 2$15.00
5L-BT-2-556XCR-L Bolt 5.56 Type 2 (Note: Used for .300 BLK also.)$95.00
5L-BT-2-762XCR-L Bolt 7.62x39 Type 2 (Note: Used for 6.5 Gren also.)$95.00
5L-BT-2-680XCR-L Bolt 6.8 SPC Type 2$95.00
6L-BT-EX556XCR-L Extractor 5.56 (Note: Used for .300 BLK also.)$15.00
6L-BT-EX762XCR-L Extractor 7.62x39 (Note: Used for 6.5 Gren also.)$15.00
6L-BT-EX680XCR-L Extractor 6.8 SPC $15.00
7X-BT-EX-SP-OXCR Extractor Spring Outer$2.00
8X-BT-EX-SP-IXCR Extractor Spring Guide Inner$2.00
9X-BT-EX-DTXCR Extractor Detent$4.00
10L-FP-2-CT-556XCR-L Carrier Tail 5.56 Type 2 (Note: Used in .300 BLK, 6.8 SPC, and 6.5 Gren also.)$15.00
10L-FP-2-CT-762XCR-L Carrier Tail 7.62x39 Type 2 (Note: Used in 5.45x39 also.)$15.00
11X-FP-RPXCR Firing Pin Roll Pin$2.00
12L-FP-SPXCR Firing Pin Spring$4.00
13L-FP-2XCR-L Firing Pin Type 2$15.00




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