XCR-M Bolt & Carrier Parts

Item # Part #DescriptionPriceQty./Add to Cart
1M-BC-2XCR-M Bolt Carrier Type 2$115.00
2M-BT-2-308XCR-M Bolt .308 Type 2 (Note: Used for .243, .260, & 6.5 Creedmoor also.)$115.00
3X-BT-EX-SP-OXCR Extractor Spring Outer$3.00
4X-BT-EX-SP-IXCR Extractor Spring Guide Inner$3.00
5X-BT-EX-DTXCR Extractor Detent$4.00
6M-BT-EX308XCR-M Extractor .308 (Note: Used for .243, .260, & 6.5 Creedmoor also.)$15.00
7M-FP-2-CTXCR-M Carrier Tail$15.00
8M-FP-2-SPXCR Firing Pin Spring$4.00
9X-FP-RPXCR Firing Pin Roll Pin$2.00
10M-FP-2XCR-M Firing Pin Type 2$17.00
11M-BC-2-RBXCR-M Recoil Buffer Type 2$15.00
12M-BC-2-RPXCR-M Bolt Carrier Pin Type 2$5.00
13M-BC-2-ORXCR-M Bolt Carrier O Ring Type 2$2.00

Problems with Ordering

Currently the shopping carts for our XCR builders/configurators are not working.   If you want to order, please use the builders to configure an XCR the way you want it.  Then take a screenshot that shows all the specs your want and email to sales@robarm.com  We hope to have the system up and running again shortly.


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